What is Instructional Design?

by jscreationzs. Online learning and instructional design

Instructional Design, as the words signify means to design a system which can impart instruction. This is a scientific approach to creating a system so that imparting education or instruction to a body of students is easy and effective.

by jaylopez, Online education has a global audience. Instructional design.

As in any form of learning,Instructional Design needs to evaluate the target audience, their capabilities or intellectual levels, inputs available and the media through which instruction is being imparted. Once the design has been finalized, the same needs to be developed and executed and like all good systems, the efficacy needs to be evaluated as feedback.

by kikashi. Instructional Design can greatly improve the quality of learning.Based on the feedback, the effectiveness of the system is gauged and modifications incorporated. To a large extent, instructional system design is governed by tenets of human psychology and in particular human behavior wherein the current needs of the learner are determined and thus end goals set.

The concept of instructional design traces its beginning to the period during World War-II when American Forces fighting in Europe were required to be trained in complex military systems in a short period.

by mzacha. Instructional Design actually began during Word War II.

There were a large number of men in the combat zone who had to be imparted training in multiple fields to support wartime activities. The training through formalized instructional design was highly effective and thus naturally was emulated by the corporate world after the war.

In its modern day avatar, the learning is designed and developed using computers and the power of the internet. Though more modern in approach, the instructional systems design of today still follows the time tested process of the ADDIE model.

Here is a brief overview of the ADDIE model:

A – Analysis of learner characteristics.

D – Design of learning objectives and instructional approach.

D – Development of instructional material.

I – Implementation of the system.

E – Evaluation of the effectiveness of the system so as to incorporate improvements.

by sqback. Instructional Designer.

Personnel involved in instructional design are by nature creative, patient, analytical and have a fair knowledge of human psychology so that they can package the instruction with easy to understand content in appropriate doses to facilitate greater assimilation and enhanced learning quotient.

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Careers in Online Education and Instructional Design

The greatest trauma that a young mind undergoes is not the perennial race to score well in school leaving exams, but for selecting one’s future career. The young and tender mind already scarred in various battles at home and school is torn between purpose and doubt. The peer pressure and expectations of parents and teachers, one is fighting a battle for life. At an impressionable age, the young one does not really know as to what stream to take up. It is in this twilight zone that one needs to be appropriately counseled, preferably professionally so that the aspirant applies him/herself objectively with a cool and calculated mind to make their future secure and create for themselves an ambience of peace and tranquility for years to come.

by David Castillo Dominici

One must assess ones virtues and strengths, for most of us who do not fall within the quota system, our edifice of professional life lies on the talent within and our aptitude. To identify this distinguishing factor and that too early is important so that one may begin to cultivate ones energies accordingly and move ahead with full focus. In the information technology domain, everyone cannot possibly excel in software development. Yet one can be an important part of the IT Industry if one has good knowledge and proficiency in computer applications and a good command over English language. A peaceful demeanor and qualities of the heart will naturally be an asset.

by David Castillo Dominici

E-Learning , per se is a blow up of the personality of a remotely located teacher who foresees, the  need of the students and addresses these needs through innovative ways making efficient use of computer aided instructional aids.

A career in e-learning is great for it enables the e-instructor to remain current in the IT domain, excel in the content that they handle and most importantly, they are able to contribute to nation building by imparting quality education at a comparatively low or cost.

by personalfx

E-learning or Instructional Design as a Career albeit fulfilling, poses its own challenges. Like a good teacher is never forgotten, a good instructional designer is revered. He commands respect and is well compensated monetarily. Best of all, e-learning is a team activity, something to be cherished and valued. Working as a cohesive team rewards the instructional designer with a rich fabric of human values and qualities of the head and the heart which are so essential to enrich our daily lives. As an instructional designer, one is never alone  for the world is alive to your beck and call.

by  marcos_bh

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The Dawn of the Internet: A New Age for Learning

The Internet, conceived and developed for the US Defence Forces, brought in an unimaginable revolution. The concept of Cyber networks was perfected to facilitate flow of knowledge.  The revolution in high speed computing and commensurate with that the unlimited data storage on ever decreasing chip sizes saw infinite data being stored and retrieved. The quantity of data flow saw increased number of users accessing the net and the sheer volumes saw diminishing prices ensuring affordability.  And thus commenced a phase in learning through Cyber Class Rooms.  One mentor and literally million students interchanging ideas at the speed of light with a zillion options to download processed data or information. E-Books on the net, mostly free became an impetus for inquisitive minds to mine for knowledge. The effect has been exponential as the horizons have broadened and availability of knowledge becomes easier.

Online learning and instructional design have a happy medium - The Internet

In both stand alone mode where learners can run CBTs or access the net individually and in networked modes where learners access their desired e-classrooms. The availability of knowledge has kept pace with the thirst. The computer as the ultimate aid to learning is here to stay to replace other vintage aids. This surely is  a healthy sign for humanity as learning will get easier each day with the best teachers directing their collective energies at willing learners. Learning will only be limited by the imagination of humanity.

The Internet was probably the missing piece in the jigsaw for making Instructional Design and elearning a compelling force in education and training

Languages will no longer be a bar to interactive sessions. There will be no geographical boundaries as the universe will be literally a global village. Such will be the supreme power of computing and the cyber learning that ideas will evolve and then resonate like an avalanche gathering intellectual momentum like never before. Cultures instead of clashing will learn from each other thereby enriching the whole fabric of universal brotherhood. Where religion was the testing ground of human faiths, ideas and logical reasoning will bring on situations for collective thought based on truth and universality. Understanding humanity will become easier as all knowledge will be shared, the learning will generate ample awareness of the need to save our living planet, the ultimate reason to reap the rich dividends or face a certain doom.

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Computers and Education

The advent of formal learning needs to be seen through the prism of the growth of civilization. When the means were fewer and technology yet to reach the zenith that it is today, teaching aids were few and far in between. The blackboard and chalk were time tested aids and universally used. However, with quick developments in technology, the quality of teaching aids improved considerably.

The revolution in computers brought in a revolution in education both in quality and spectrum. The phase wherein teachers would interpolate their own knowledge with videos though very recent was revolutionary. The scope of learning grew exponentially. The graphic clarity in expression of thought resonated within the minds of learners as never before. The capacity of using computer aided imagery for micro and macro concepts in engineering and medicine captured the imagination of young minds. The scope for research broadened considerably by the Computer revolution was just the tip of the iceberg of the unfathomed dimension that was to follow-the internet.

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The Historic Precursor to Online Learning and Instructional Design

Learning is as old as human civilization. As humans evolved so did the need to acquire skills needed to make life comfortable within limited means available. The discovery of fire or the wheel were not solo acts of just a few humans but a collective effort by many. Knowledge was traditionally passed down through generations, mostly by word of the mouth. Some of the oldest recorded civilizations discovered the use of written word as is evidenced by clay tablets, coins, metal medallions discovered by archeologists. In short, learning determined the advancement made by humans in their growth both during prehistoric times or through the period of evolution recorded as history.

Instructional design started long before it was formalised with teachers thinking about how to better empower their students

Traditionally, in olden days, learning was imparted by Gurus or spiritual teachers in their Gurukuls where students would live in close proximity to the teacher and learn multiple subjects including those in spiritual domain. This practice gave way to formal learning and advent of schools where youngsters were grouped by age and had teachers to impart education in varied subjects as per a set curriculum. The schools were organized to some extent by governmental diktat or in many cases on the fundamental ethos supported by the sponsors.  The   system evolved into a kind of means to propagate ideas, way of life and religion. The Christian missionaries designed their curriculum with the primary aim of propagating Christianity and the gospel. The close rivalry saw advent of Hindu Gurukuls or Islamic seminaries.

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