The Dawn of the Internet: A New Age for Learning

The Internet, conceived and developed for the US Defence Forces, brought in an unimaginable revolution. The concept of Cyber networks was perfected to facilitate flow of knowledge.  The revolution in high speed computing and commensurate with that the unlimited data storage on ever decreasing chip sizes saw infinite data being stored and retrieved. The quantity of data flow saw increased number of users accessing the net and the sheer volumes saw diminishing prices ensuring affordability.  And thus commenced a phase in learning through Cyber Class Rooms.  One mentor and literally million students interchanging ideas at the speed of light with a zillion options to download processed data or information. E-Books on the net, mostly free became an impetus for inquisitive minds to mine for knowledge. The effect has been exponential as the horizons have broadened and availability of knowledge becomes easier.

Online learning and instructional design have a happy medium - The Internet

In both stand alone mode where learners can run CBTs or access the net individually and in networked modes where learners access their desired e-classrooms. The availability of knowledge has kept pace with the thirst. The computer as the ultimate aid to learning is here to stay to replace other vintage aids. This surely is  a healthy sign for humanity as learning will get easier each day with the best teachers directing their collective energies at willing learners. Learning will only be limited by the imagination of humanity.

The Internet was probably the missing piece in the jigsaw for making Instructional Design and elearning a compelling force in education and training

Languages will no longer be a bar to interactive sessions. There will be no geographical boundaries as the universe will be literally a global village. Such will be the supreme power of computing and the cyber learning that ideas will evolve and then resonate like an avalanche gathering intellectual momentum like never before. Cultures instead of clashing will learn from each other thereby enriching the whole fabric of universal brotherhood. Where religion was the testing ground of human faiths, ideas and logical reasoning will bring on situations for collective thought based on truth and universality. Understanding humanity will become easier as all knowledge will be shared, the learning will generate ample awareness of the need to save our living planet, the ultimate reason to reap the rich dividends or face a certain doom.

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