Careers in Online Education and Instructional Design

The greatest trauma that a young mind undergoes is not the perennial race to score well in school leaving exams, but for selecting one’s future career. The young and tender mind already scarred in various battles at home and school is torn between purpose and doubt. The peer pressure and expectations of parents and teachers, one is fighting a battle for life. At an impressionable age, the young one does not really know as to what stream to take up. It is in this twilight zone that one needs to be appropriately counseled, preferably professionally so that the aspirant applies him/herself objectively with a cool and calculated mind to make their future secure and create for themselves an ambience of peace and tranquility for years to come.

by David Castillo Dominici

One must assess ones virtues and strengths, for most of us who do not fall within the quota system, our edifice of professional life lies on the talent within and our aptitude. To identify this distinguishing factor and that too early is important so that one may begin to cultivate ones energies accordingly and move ahead with full focus. In the information technology domain, everyone cannot possibly excel in software development. Yet one can be an important part of the IT Industry if one has good knowledge and proficiency in computer applications and a good command over English language. A peaceful demeanor and qualities of the heart will naturally be an asset.

by David Castillo Dominici

E-Learning , per se is a blow up of the personality of a remotely located teacher who foresees, the  need of the students and addresses these needs through innovative ways making efficient use of computer aided instructional aids.

A career in e-learning is great for it enables the e-instructor to remain current in the IT domain, excel in the content that they handle and most importantly, they are able to contribute to nation building by imparting quality education at a comparatively low or cost.

by personalfx

E-learning or Instructional Design as a Career albeit fulfilling, poses its own challenges. Like a good teacher is never forgotten, a good instructional designer is revered. He commands respect and is well compensated monetarily. Best of all, e-learning is a team activity, something to be cherished and valued. Working as a cohesive team rewards the instructional designer with a rich fabric of human values and qualities of the head and the heart which are so essential to enrich our daily lives. As an instructional designer, one is never alone  for the world is alive to your beck and call.

by  marcos_bh

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